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You may use a “Professional Creative Reader” name such as “Psychic Tarot Diva.” Some readers may choose to use their real legal names such as “Jackie Smith.” 


We do not want pictures of stars, nature, etc. Please use a  professional head shot, stock photo, etc. 


You must have a professional listing that conveys your expertise, reading style, chosen divination tools,  experience, education, training, certifications, media appearances, specialties, and methods of assisting their servicing their intuitive or healing needs.  


Important points about the Click4Advisor signup form.
  • Use a first and last name as your Advisor Name during registration
  • You can either choose PayPal or direct opposite as your Method of Payout 

Advisor Profile

Login to your new Click4Advisor account after registration with your Advisor Name and Password and select Advisor Profile from your Advisor control Panel in order to create a profile and follow these steps to fill it out:

  • Ensure you put in your phone number for when you receive calls
  • Your charges are your rates, and can be set to your discretion
  • Service detail is where you enter your listing information
  • The Education and Experience section is where you put relevant social channels, training and professional certifications. 

W 9 Form

The backend technology company that empowers our site, Click4Advisor, submits 1099 forms to the IRS on behalf of its advisors, therefore, you must submit a W9 Form to them for you to be paid.

You can find the W9 Form on the Advisor Control Panel under the “Availability” section. 

Payment information

You will be paid weekly by Click4Advisor, either through PayPal account or direct deposit to the checking account entered during registration, this is after they deduct .12 cent per minute connection fee.
This is the breakdown:
You as an Advisor get 45% of the total money;
Click4Advisor takes 15%,
40% goes to

Free Minutes

Three free minutes are given to new users who join our site for the first time, and those aren’t calculated in your payment. It is an incredible way to get noticed by new clients, and if you’re good at your reading, they will gladly add minutes.

Another way to enjoy great benefits for new users is by sending three free minutes directly to your favorite clients from the Advisor Control Panel; you can do this by clicking Transactions and then send Promo Minutes.